Our Story | Georgia Outdoor Living, Inc DBA Georgia Classic Pool

At Georgia Outdoor Living, we embody a comprehensive approach to outdoor living, encapsulating the excellence established by Georgia Classic Pool since our inception in 2004. Operating officially as Georgia Outdoor Living, Inc, under the familiar name of Georgia Classic Pool, our legacy in the industry spans nearly two decades.

While Georgia Classic Pool has been our prominent marketing identity, our growth led us to expand our horizons under the umbrella of Georgia Outdoor Living. This strategic evolution was inspired by a vision to cater not just to pool enthusiasts but to everyone seeking exceptional outdoor living experiences. Recognizing that not every client desires a swimming pool, Georgia Outdoor Living was born to fulfill diverse outdoor needs.

Throughout our journey, both as Georgia Classic Pool and Georgia Outdoor Living, we’ve curated breathtaking landscapes, brought dream outdoor spaces to fruition, and executed remarkable transformations. Our expertise extends beyond the realms of pools to encompass the design of serene gardens, construction of inviting outdoor kitchens, and creation of captivating patios and entertainment areas.

Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering a seamless fusion of superior craftsmanship, innovative design, and personalized service across all our offerings. Georgia Outdoor Living epitomizes our dedication to providing a comprehensive suite of outdoor living solutions, ensuring that every client’s vision is realized, irrespective of their specific desires or requirements.

To explore more about our legacy and the diverse range of outdoor services we offer, visit georgiaclassicpool.com. Additionally, our logos are deliberately similar, serving as a visual representation of our unity as Georgia Outdoor Living and Georgia Classic Pool, emphasizing that we are one in the same.

At our essence, we remain Georgia Outdoor Living—a versatile entity synonymous with the trusted brand of Georgia Classic Pool. Our focus continues to revolve around delivering excellence in every facet of outdoor living, reflecting our unwavering commitment to serving our clientele.