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Our Story | Georgia Outdoor Living, Inc DBA Georgia Classic Pool

This is an explanation to clarify the relationship between Georgia Outdoor Living and Georgia Classic Pool, highlighting the transition and expansion while emphasizing the company’s dedication to providing diverse outdoor services under one unified umbrella.

At Georgia Outdoor Living, we’re a comprehensive outdoor living company, encompassing the best of what Georgia Classic Pool has offered since our establishment in 2004. Officially known as Georgia Outdoor Living, Inc, operating as Georgia Classic Pool, our legacy in the industry spans nearly two decades.

While Georgia Classic Pool has been our primary marketing identity, we’ve expanded to showcase our broader spectrum of outdoor services through Georgia Outdoor Living. Our evolution was driven by a vision to cater not only to pool enthusiasts but to all who seek exceptional outdoor living experiences. We understand that not every client desires a swimming pool, and that’s where Georgia Outdoor Living shines.

Under both banners, we’ve crafted exquisite landscapes, brought dream outdoor spaces to life, and executed stunning renovations. Whether it’s designing serene gardens, constructing captivating outdoor kitchens, or creating inviting patios and entertainment areas, our expertise extends beyond just pools.

Our commitment is to offer a seamless blend of quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and personalized service across all our offerings. Georgia Outdoor Living represents our dedication to providing a comprehensive suite of outdoor living solutions, ensuring every client’s vision is realized, regardless of their specific needs or desires.

At our core, we remain Georgia Outdoor Living, a versatile company synonymous with Georgia Classic Pool, focused on delivering excellence in every facet of outdoor living.

About Georgia Outdoor Living

At Georgia Outdoor Living, we believe in the transformative power of outdoor spaces. Founded on the principle of merging nature’s beauty with innovative design, we have been dedicated to crafting stunning landscapes and bespoke outdoor structures that redefine the art of outdoor living.

Our Expertise

Led by a seasoned Landscape Architect and backed by a diligent Construction Manager, our team comprises skilled professionals committed to excellence. We specialize in the seamless integration of natural elements with innovative designs, ensuring that every project we undertake reflects the unique essence of Georgia’s landscapes.

What Sets Us Apart

At Georgia Outdoor Living, we take pride in our personalized approach. We understand that each outdoor space is as unique as its owner. From the initial concept to the final touches, we collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring their visions are realized with precision and creativity.

Our Promise

With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we promise to deliver outdoor environments that exceed expectations. From lush gardens that soothe the soul to exquisite structures that elevate leisure, we strive to create outdoor sanctuaries where unforgettable moments are made.

Let’s Create Together

We invite you to explore our portfolio, witness our passion for outdoor living, and envision the possibilities for your outdoor space. Join us on a journey where creativity meets expertise, and let’s collaborate to transform your outdoor dreams into breathtaking reality.

Meet Our Team

The Georgia Outdoor Living Team

Katie Medina

Senior Landscape Architect

Andrew Dover

Construction Manager

Vance Dover

Business Operations

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